Traduciamo Louise Gluck: Parable of faith


Col contributo di Antonella Pizzo prosegue la traduzione delle poesie di Louise Gluck iniziata qui

Dalla raccolta “Meadowlands”, 1996

Parable of faith

Now, in twilight, on the palace steps
the king asks forgiveness of his lady.
He is not
duplicitous; he has tried to be
true to the moment; is there another way of being
true to the self?
The lady
hides her face, somewhat
assisted by the shadows. She weeps
for her past; when one has a secret life,
one’s tears are never explained.
Yet gladly would the king bear
the grief of his lady: his
is the generous heart,
in pain as in joy.

Do you know
what forgiveness mean? it mean
the world has sinned, the world
must be pardoned 

Parabola di fede

(traduzione di Antonella Pizzo)

Ora, al crepuscolo, sui gradini del palazzo
il re chiede perdono alla sua donna.
Lui non è falso; ha provato…

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